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Aside from common features such as being able to adjust temperature, switch modes and control louvers; it’s now possible for users to adjust their temperature compensation (to the set temperature) according to the level of comfort they want to achieve. Lock/Unlock function prevents accidental changing of set temperature or switching of modes. Choose to stop, keep or lower the speed of your fan blower when set temperature is reached (cooling mode). 


  • Auto Restart – Unit will restart with the same settings prior to a power loss or unit turned off.
  • Lock Function – Lock remote control to avoid changing set temperature accidentally.
  • Anti-Cold Air Function – (Heat Mode only).
  • Common Mode vs. Intelligent Mode:
    - Common Mode – Unit will cycle depending on the temperature of the evaporator coil only. 
    - In this case, colder air from the blower wheel (relative    to coil temperature) may drop the temperature of the coil and cause unwanted over-heating by the evaporator.
    - Intelligent Mode – Unit will take into account the set    temperature as well as the temperature of the fan coil to    cycle through; results in higher level of comfort.

  • Fan Speed Operation once Set Temperature is reached: (Cooling Mode Only)
    Once set temperature is reached, you have the option to stop the fan blower, reduce the fan blower speed or keep fan blower speed the same. Previous models would continuously run in cooling mode in order to accurately measure the conditioned air for condenser cycling operation.