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Inverter Technology

What Is Inverter Technology?

Inverter Technology

Inverter Inverter technology is the capability of various electronic components to regulate the inverter compressor at different speeds (frequencies). Using a simulated 3-phase power to drive the compressor, the system achieves set temperature in a short time and maintains it. The Inverter is the combination of an Inverter rotary compressor and an intelligent compressor controller. Inverter Technology

What Are The Benefits Of Inverter Technology?

  • Eliminate compressor hard starts which is the main cause of high power consumption.
  • Reach set temperature quicker compared to conventional systems.
  • Maintain steady room temperature for better comfort.
  • Quiet operation. • High efficiency systems.
  • Built-in low ambient kit for Heating and Cooling operation when the outdoor ambient temperature decreases to 5°F.
  • Self-diagnostics LED’s on the outdoor unit main board and intelligent error codes displayed on indoor unit digital display for easy servicing & troubleshooting.



How Does Inverter Technology Work?

Inverter systems work with standard AC power supply. This voltage however goes through a series of circuit boards that convert ac voltage to dc voltage, then inverting it back to a simulated three-phase ac voltage to drive the compressor. A series of controls attached to the main boards send different commands in order for the system to fully operate simultaneously. The inverter compressor runs depending on the thermal load demand required indoors.